Term 3 Week 9 - Reader & Movie Viewing Discussion



1. The book not only focuses on John Nash but also a select group of mathematicians. It describes them as eccentrics. What were the reasons for this and how would you describe an eccentric. What are their characteristics?

2. Nash was undoubtedly a genius in his field. What for you are the characteristics of a genius?

3. From Einstein to Messi, list as many people as you can in their respective fields who you would describe as a genius and why.

4. Like Einstein, Nash was eventually tutored at home. Is there any significance in this and why did they not fit into the mainstream?

5. Jon Nash was described as a paranoid schizophrenic. What are the characteristics of a person who suffers from this disorder?

6. Nash was also identified as not being ‘normal.’ However, define what you feel is normal.
7. Nash himself felt that ‘sanity is conformity.’ What are your views on this?

8. Define Jon Nash’s ‘Game Theory.’ Why did it become so important in contemporary western economies?

9. Nash described himself as an elitist. As a student in a top school do you see yourself as an elite individual? Give your reasons why or why not.