Term 2 Week 10 - HBL

Topic: Gender Inequality
Please read all the instructions carefully before attempting the Home-Based Learning activities.


1. The main task of this home-based learning assignment involves listening to a podcast debate entitled “The Hand that Rocks the Cradle Cannot Rock the Boardroom”.
A synopsis of the podcast is provided below:

“Intelligence Squared proudly presents four leading female voices to debate the motion ‘The Hand That Rocks the Cradle Cannot Rock the Boardroom’. In a thrilling celebration of International Women’s Day, the panel shed light on whether a good mother has time to be a good CEO. Is it a myth that women can have it all, all of the time? Or do the rising numbers of female executives in Hong Kong and around the world suggest otherwise? Does the glass ceiling exist as a barrier to the boardroom, or is the only limitation to a woman's professional success her personal ambition? In this debate, which took place on 3 March 2014, award-winning journalist and author Allison Pearson and author of "Wonder Women: Sex, Power, and the Quest for Perfection" Debora Spar propose the motion. CEO of Newton Investment Helena Morrissey and CEO of SOHO Property Zhang Xin oppose the motion.”

Listening Task:

2. Listen to the podcast which can be accessed at https://player.fm/series/abc-big-ideas-tv/iq2-debate-the-hand-that-rocks-the-cradle-cannot-rock-the-boardroom

Alternatively, go to http://player.fm and search this key phrase: ‘the hand that rocks the cradle cannot rock the boardroom’.
As you listen to the podcast, take on the identity of a debate adjudicator and fill in the attached adjudication sheet that is named ‘HBLScoreSheet’.

The rubrics for evaluating the speakers’ arguments can be found in the attached document named ‘HBLRubrics’.

3. This completed adjudication sheet should be ready for submission during the next EL lesson.

Post-Listening Extension Task (Optional)

4. Students who are interested in the topic can to try their hand at this extension task:

Access Sheryl Sandberg’s Ted Talk entitled “Why we have too few women leaders” at http://www.ted.com/talks/sheryl_sandberg_why_we_have_too_few_women_leaders.
You may turn on the interactive transcript at the bottom of the video while listening to the talk.
After listening, respond to the questions on Page 3 of ‘HBLScoreSheet’.

This simple HBL should round-up our discussion on "Culture" in Term 2 nicely.
Thanks and enjoy!